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Let's Understand More Through FAQs

  • What Is On Offer From ALGOMETECH.COM?
    ALGOMETECH.COM is revolutionizing Algo trading experience to traders in India with our professional expertise on development & support services. We provide the tools and guidance needed to ensure traders can tackle any challenge they encounter while designing, building & optimizing their algorithmic systems - propelling them into a future of Algorithmic trading success! Know more about us.
  • Why Prefer ALGOMETECH Over Others? List A Few Reasons?
    An end-end support service for a novice/advanced algorithmic trader Build a best-in-class, 100% algorithmic trading using advanced technical analysis & charting tools Tool expertise: TradingView, Amibroker, MT4/5, ChartInk, Python, Excel & StockMock Innovative bridging to 100+ brokers using ALGOMETECH Smart Bridge(ASB) Algo order executions at incredible computational & operational speeds, which helps in near real-time execution (~10ms) Experience asynchronous system of execution Advanced automation abilities enable efficient & intelligent management Run systems on windows or mobile environment & secure with enterprise-grade encryption techniques Risk Management: Set up your Maximum Open/Long/Short Positions.Set up your Maximum Orders/Trades per Scrip/Day Time Management: Set up your Start, End & SquareOff time before or any time during the trading hours Money Management: Set up SquareOff or Cancel All positions once Max Profit/Loss conditions are satisfied on the individual/MTM level Options built-in multi-leg strategy modules make life an easy & enjoyable experience Quick trade panel & Advance symbol mapping are the first of their kind in the Indian markets Try & set up a fully automated sample system to experience 100% automation
  • How ALGOMETECH brings best execution speed ever?
    ALGOMETECH offers Asynchronous system Of Execution. Asynchronous is Multi Thread System where multiple orders are fired & executed simultaneously in multiple accounts. Whereas in the synchronous system, orders join a queue, resulting in higher slippages Asynchronous execution plays a key role during multiple order executions, like in the multi-leg options trading strategy executions.
  • Does Automation Help A Trader Make Profits?
    Automation in trading enables trader Design, Build, Analyze, Back-test & Optimize their trading systems using advanced utilities & techniques. With alerts that trigger instant order placement based on pre-defined conditions, traders can efficiently take advantage of market opportunities. However, it's important to remember these tools are not 'get rich quick' schemes - they need competent use and guidance to help make your trading venture profitable!
  • Does ALGOMETECH Assure/Guarantee Profits?
    ALGOMETECH allows traders to share their own tailored trading ideas to automate with specific management & risk tolerance features. With new-age tech, savvy investors can access advanced features such as smart-management controls and multi-broker integration for smooth-running strategies within preferred environments and with the help of specialized analytical tools - all without any promises or guarantees on profitability from ALGOMETECH.COM!
  • What Are The Various Brokers Supported?
    ALGOMETECH supports about 100+ brokers.
  • Can Users Set Up Systems & Operate Completely On Mobile/Tablet Devices?
    Yes. Thanks to the new-age tech. Using VPS, mobile setups are possible & very convenient. Reach us for more assistance.
  • What Level Of Expertise Does The User Require To Integrate Amibroker/Tradingview/Ninjatrader/Excel Etc.?
    Just a click. Yes, go to settings -> select your tool -> click configure. Reach us for more assistance.
  • Is The Risk & Other Managements Possible Through 100% Automation?
    Automation makes life much easier & sage by setting up advanced risk, order, time & other key management options.
  • Does ALGOMETECH Collect Users Trading Credentials?
    Absolutely NO. ALGOMETECH never collects any user's trading account credentials.
  • What Kind Of Support Does ALGOMETECH Provide?
    With ALGOMETECH.COM, you're in good hands! Our dedicated and highly skilled professionals will provide personalized support to ensure your development & automation journey is successful. Rest assured that you'll always have skilled support when and where you need it most!
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