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Looking For Best Amibroker Algo Trading & AFL Developer In India?

We are here to help you go next-level using amibroker automated trading which is feature rich & allows various strategy developments for all segments like cash, futures & options & customizations using AFL programming language & execute trades in real-time.


​​With our expert afl developments, automation skills & dedicated support, build your best-in-class advanced algo system today!

Can I Fully Automate Using AmiBroker?

Yes, you can fully automate your trading ideas/strategies using amibroker native AFL programming language & other built-in supported tools.

We collect all required info from you like entry, exit logics, dynamic parameter controls & other add-on risk/order management features before building your algo system.

Know here for all your amibroker supported brokers below.

Amibroker AFL Algo Trading Developers


Awesome..!! We'll get in touch as soon as we can.


  • Requirement walkthrough session 

  • Finalize & freeze requirements

  • Algo strategy development (typically 2-4 working days)

  • Testing (1-2 working days)

  • System delivery & walkthrough 

  • Re-test if code changes/added new features

  • Standard delivery timeline = 2-7 working days


* Complimentary = 100+ brokers free integration facility (for upto 190 days, limited time & users).



Amibroker Formula Language(AFL) -  Native Amibroker Programming Language:

AmiBroker has own AFL programming language for developing advanced custom algorithms and trading systems.

Our developers use AFL in custom coding your algo systems at a very advanced level:

  1. Syntax and Functions: We write logics using various functions & operators for defining specific trading rules at very granular level, to meet your algo system requirements.

  2. Custom Algo Strategies: We help customize your strategies using many functions/operators in AFL, giving you more flexible setting for easy system tuning.

  3. Backtesting & Optimization: Utilizing the detailed coding at granular level provided by AFL you get significantly improved accuracy in entry and exit conditions, position sizing, risk management, backtesting, and optimization.

  4. Integration with Broker APIs: Integrate 100+ brokers via API for automated trading, including advanced order executions, real-time positions retrieval, and system management.

Our experts help in developing & customizing your algo systems using AFL in Amibroker.

Amibroker for Advanced Algo Trading:

We help you build efficient systems across all segments using advanced AFL programming. Some of examples are as below:

  • Advanced Algo Strategy logics: We can create complex trading systems with rules like re-entries, multi timeframe analysis, OHLC value analysis, and position resizing, enabling efficient strategies.

  • Options Multi-Leg Strategies: Create multi-leg option strategies with spreads, straddles, and iron condors. Execute and adjust positions based on combined profit and loss calculations in points or percentages, along with additional features.

  • Advanced Parameter Control: Controlling systems using a variety of parameters such as time, stop loss, and targets setup in points or percentages, etc, provides increased flexibility.

  • Backtesting: Assess the performance and profitability of your strategy by using native direct symbol data backtesting capabilities.

  • Fast Execution Speed: Optimize algo trades with efficient coding and system designs, benefiting from market opportunities. Our developers optimize code for faster executions using API configurations.

  • Fully Automated Trading: Fully automate your trading ideas and strategies now to execute trades with any of 100+ brokers in India

How Fast is AmiBroker?

  • AmiBroker allows quick algo trade executions (in milliseconds), benefiting from market opportunities.

  • Remember the execution speed also depends on coding efficiency, API configurations, and internet speed.

  • It is advisable to test trading strategies in a simulated environment before using real money.

AmiBroker System Requirements

AmiBroker is lightweight & compatible with most computers. Check minimum requirements for optimal performance:


  • Windows OS = 7 or above (10 or 11 recommended)

  • Min of 2 GB RAM (4+ GB recommended)

  • Min of 100 MB of free hard disk space

  • Internet connection (Live Data, Algo & API integrations)

Integrate with Broker APIs For Automation:

We help you integrate with over 100+ broker APIs in India. This allows you to automate any number of trading strategies with any of your favorite brokers.


Price quotes are simplified with below examples.

  • LEVEL-1

    Existing Strategy Integration + Automation
    • Total Integrations + Automations = 1
    • Scrips = Cash, FnO & MCX
    • 100+ Broker Integrations = 100-day Free
  • LEVEL-2

    New Indicator / Strategy Development
    • Total Indicators/Strategies = 1
    • Candle Based Logics = 1
    • Time Based Logics = 1
    • Level Based Logics = 1
    • Scanners = 1
    • Multi-legs = 2
    • Scrips = Cash, FnO & MCX
  • LEVEL-3

    Strategy Development + Integration + Automation
    • All in Level-2
    • Strategy + Integration + Automation Developments = 1
    • 100+ Broker Integrations = 100-day Free
  • Most Popular


    Strategy Development + Integration + Automation
    • All in Level-2
    • Add-on Logics = 1-2
    • Strategy + Integration + Automation Developments = 1
    • 100+ Broker Integrations = 130-day Free
  • LEVEL-5

    Strategy Development + Integration + Automation
    • All in Level-2
    • Add-on Logics/Re-entries = 2-4
    • Strategy + Integration + Automation Developments = 1
    • 100+ Broker Integrations = 160-day Free
  • LEVEL-6

    Strategy Development + Integration + Automation
    • All in Level-2
    • Add-on Logics/Re-entries = 5-6
    • Strategy + Integration + Automation Developments = 1
    • 100+ Broker Integrations = 190-day Free

Note: Actual pricing quote may vary based on the logics, features & functionalities required for a specific requirement. These pricing may vary in future.

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